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We make casual multiplayer games


LOLBeans.io (web - F2P)

LOLBeans.io is a funny platformer battle royale game.
Play as a jelly bean trying to win obstacle race courses like in Takehi's Castle, It's a Knockout, Wipeout or Ninja Warrior.
A typical multiplayer game has multiple rounds where the slowest players are eliminated gradually. At the end, only one player wins and gets the crown!

  • Reach the finish line before the other players to qualify for the next round.
  • Avoid obstacles, escape traps, don't fall into the void.
  • Beat the chaos, overcome your opponents and be first on the last round to win!
Coming soon

LOLShot.io (web - F2P)

LOLShot.io is an action-packed and aerial First Person Shooter game.
This game is under active developement and planned to release late 2021. Early access is open.


We are located in Paris and open to remote work. We are looking for 3D/2D Artists, sound designer, level designers, web designers.

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